🔗 A report from Salesforce says that your salespeople only spend 28% of their time actually selling something.

The other 72% of their time is spent on administrative bullshit – updating CRMs, generating proposals, booking travel, etc.

The People Company embeds extraordinary offshore talent into your sales team to shoulder that administrative burden; freeing your sales reps to spend more time on revenue-generating activities.

It’s cheaper than you think, and easy to get started.

We find you administrative assistants that help your salespeople make a lot more money. 🤑

Our talent pool lives in the Philippines and Latin America, and:

• They work in your time zone.
• They speak excellent English and hold a college degree.
• They have an average 7 years of experience with administrative work.
• They’re familiar with how your CRM and tools work.

We operate on an embed model; we find you an administrative assistant you hire full-time to support your sales team (40 hours per week).

How does it work?

1. Hop on a call

We’d hop on a phone call and get a little more context as to what your sales reps spend their day on and what your sales tech stack looks like.

We’ll use this data to find the perfect assistant (or assistants, depending on your org size!)

Timeframe: 1-2 days

2. We headhunt

Our headhunter would take the data from our phone call and find candidates from our talent pool with experience in supporting sales teams.

Bonus points for experience with your CRM and tools, and a great culture fit.

Timeframe: 2-3 days

3. Interview & trial

We’ll present three compelling candidates and you can interview as many of those as you’d like. When you’ve found a great assistant, we will pay their first week’s salary so you can be confident they’ll be a value-add.

If they’re not a good fit, we’ll work night and day to find someone who is.

Timeframe: 7 days

What can you delegate to your new assistant?

  1. Data Entry: Updating client information in the CRM system.
  2. Proposal Creation: Creating and reviewing proposals to show prospective clients.
  3. Email Management: Filtering, organizing, and responding to non-urgent emails.
  4. Appointment Scheduling: Coordinating meetings with clients and managing the salesperson’s calendar.
  5. Travel Arrangements: Booking flights, hotels, and transportation for business trips.
  6. Expense Reporting: Compiling and submitting expense reports.
  7. Lead Qualification: Preliminary screening of leads before passing them to the sales team.
  8. Presentation Creation: Assisting in the creation and formatting of sales presentations.
  9. Market Research: Gathering information on competitors, industry trends, and potential clients.
  10. Client Follow-Up: Sending thank-you emails or making calls after meetings.
  11. Sales Report Generation: Creating weekly or monthly sales reports.
  12. Order Processing: Handling the administrative aspects of order placement and tracking.
  13. Meeting Preparation: Organizing materials and logistics for sales meetings.
  14. Inventory Management: Keeping track of product samples or marketing materials.
  15. Client Database Maintenance: Regularly updating and cleaning the client database.
  16. Prospect Research: Identifying potential clients and gathering contact information.
  17. Event Planning: Organizing and coordinating logistics for trade shows or sales events.
  18. Customer Service Coordination: Liaising with the customer service team on client issues.
  19. Feedback Collection: Compiling client feedback for product or service improvements.
  20. Sales Training Coordination: Organizing training sessions for the sales team.
  21. Brochure and Collateral Creation: Designing or updating sales brochures and other materials.
  22. Call Scheduling: Arranging calls between the salesperson and clients or leads.
  23. Report Analysis: Assisting in the analysis of sales data and reports.
  24. Vendor Communication: Coordinating with vendors for products or services.
  25. Billing and Invoicing: Preparing and sending invoices to clients.
  26. Document Filing: Organizing and filing physical or digital documents.
  27. Feedback Analysis: Analyzing customer feedback for trends and insights.
  28. Client Gifting: Managing the sending of gifts or tokens of appreciation to clients.
  29. Meeting Minutes: Taking and distributing minutes from sales meetings.
  30. Product Research: Researching new products or services relevant to the sales process.
  31. Sales Training Materials: Compiling and organizing sales training materials.
  32. Sales Strategy Documentation: Assisting in documenting sales strategies and plans.
  33. Client Onboarding: Coordinating the onboarding process for new clients.
  34. Client Surveys: Creating and distributing surveys to gather client feedback.
  35. Sales Meeting Logistics: Coordinating logistics for internal and external sales meetings.
  36. Performance Tracking: Monitoring and reporting on sales performance metrics.
  37. Competitor Analysis: Compiling information on competitors’ offerings and strategies.
  38. Client Retention Strategies: Assisting in developing client retention initiatives.
  39. Prospecting Calls: Making initial prospecting calls to qualify leads.
  40. Sales Territory Management: Assisting in managing and organizing sales territories.
  41. Online Marketing: Assisting with online marketing campaigns and analytics.
  42. Client Communication Templates: Creating templates for standard client communications.
  43. Referral Program Management: Managing and promoting client referral programs.
  44. Business Development Research: Identifying new business opportunities and partnerships.
  45. Social Media Management: Updating company’s social media profiles with relevant content.
  46. Website Updates: Posting updates or new content on the company website.

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