⚡ Hire excellent full-time employees for 75% less than US equivalents.

Stop spending time on $10/hr tasks – focus on spending more time on $500/hr tasks. We’ll hire you a full-time employee that speaks excellent English and works in your time zone, so you can spend more time generating revenue and talking to customers.

💰 Includes a week free trial – we pay the salary!

Lower payroll, same competence level.

Here are some real examples of assistants on our talent roster: they can come help your company!

Rhealyn Rigodon Headshot
Wish you weren't doing the selling in your company?

Meet Rhealyn Rigodon:
Need an extraordinary executive assistant?

Meet Stefanie De La Cruz:
Want to provide world-class customer support?

Meet Al Sajol:

$10/hr means $10/hr. No upfront fees, our fee is included in the rate.

$0 – your new hire’s first week. We pay their salary while you get comfortable with them.
$0 – payroll tax, workman’s comp, unemployment insurance, benefits, etc. or anything else you have to pay with a US employee.
$0 – onboarding fees. We give each customer personalized, white-glove service.
$0 – recruiting fees. We seek out, interview, and vet your new hire for free.
$0 – payroll & global compliance. We take care of all of the headache that comes w/ hiring someone internationally.
$0 – unlimited support. Get unlimited phone & email support with managing/onboarding your hire.

👋 Meet June! An administrative assistant for a SaaS company sales team. Salary: $19,970/yr

Speaks fluent English
• Works in EST (client’s timezone)
• 7 years experience as an admin assistant
• Already knew how to use Salesforce, no extra training required
• Interviewed/vetted/hired in just 9 days!

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We accelerate the efficiency of your company by helping eliminate operational bottlenecks through off-shore delegation.

Your hours & schedule

Your new assistant works full-time, according to your set schedule. They only work for you; unlike other firms, there's no moonlighting or working second/third jobs.

Your time zone

Your new assistant works in your time zone, regardless of where they're geographically located. They match your schedule and can collaborate freely with you!

Your tools

Your new assistant communicates using your tools, and can work independently. There's virtually no difference between a TPC assistant and a full-time employee!

& our guiding hand

We already handle payroll & compliance with hiring in the Philippines, but we're also here to help in any way you'd like with unlimited phone support. All included in the salary.

Work with only the best administrative assistants in the industry.

Here are some real examples of assistants on our talent roster: they can come help your company!

Darwin's headshot
Darwin D.

Sales Process Assistant, previously at

Salesforce logo
Brian's headshot
Brian C.

Sales Quoting Assistant, previously at

Accenture logo
Dee's headshot
De Ann C.

Executive Assistant, previously at

HP logo

RecruitU hires great team members at 18% of the US cost with The People Company

RecruitU used The People Company to place Rico, an administrative assistant who took off vital business processes. This saved the founders a ton of time and allowed them to focus on ‘more important’ work.

Brooks Gammill, Co-Founder at RecruitU

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Hiring Rico through The People Company has been an absolute game changer. Since onboarding Rico I can now spend more time on sales and prospecting knowing that my all my administrative tasks are dealt with"

How does it work?

1. Hop on a call

We’d hop on a phone call and get a little more context as to what you and your team are spending their day on, and what you’d like to outsource.

We’ll use this data to find the perfect assistant (or assistants, depending on your org size!)

Timeframe: 1-2 days

2. We headhunt

Our headhunter would take the data from our phone call and find candidates from our talent pool with experience in supporting teams in your industry.

Bonus points for experience with your CRM and tools, and a great culture fit.

Timeframe: 2-3 days

3. Interview & trial

We’ll present three compelling candidates and you can interview as many of those as you’d like. When you’ve found a great assistant, we will pay their first week’s salary so you can be confident they’ll be a value-add.

If they’re not a good fit, we’ll work night and day to find someone who is.

Timeframe: 7 days

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