About The People Company

The People Company is a company that connects full-time administrative assistants with companies in the USA. We’re a team of three here in the United States, supported by a staff in the Philippines (we drink our own kool-aid!) that loves the work we do. Seeing how much time and administrative work we can save companies is very rewarding, so they can spend more time selling is very rewarding.

Come Visit Us, Or We'll Visit You

Map to 1460 Broadway, NY, NY

We work on a hybrid schedule, but NYC based clients are more than welcome to meet us at 1460 Broadway, Floor 17, New York, NY 10036. One of us are usually around at least once per week, and we’re more than happy to meet you by appointment.

If you’re located in New England, we’re happy to take a day trip to meet you and your company! Just let us know.

If you’re anticipating hiring 5 or more full-time assistants, we’re happy to hop on a plane and come to you in a bid to win your business.

Meet The USA Team

Nathan Sykes' headshot

Nate Sykes, Proprietor

NYC Metropolitan Area

Direct: (860) 560-1934

Kami Nader's headshot

Kami Nader, Head of Sales

NYC Metropolitan Area

Direct: (860) 969-2497

Rick Cleary's headshot

Rick Cleary, Head of Enterprise Sales

New York City

Direct: (860) 500-1469

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