How We Vet Our Assistants

The assistants we place with your company are our secret sauce, with only 0.5% of candidates passing our application process. Here’s an inside look on how we curate & vet the assistants we hire on your behalf.

Step 1 • Speak to our client and get requirements

We hire each assistant specifically based on your specifications. We learn about what you’re looking to hire for, and some information about the stack you use – what CRM, what email client, etc. so we’re hiring someone already proficient in those tools. No training needed!

Step 2 • Begin soliciting applications (100% to 8% of candidates)

A typical application receives between 200 and 250 applications from candidates with all levels of experience and background. We categorize, read through, and curate the best 20% of the applicant pool.

Step 3 • First round of interviews (8% to 1.2% of candidates)

We sit down with 20 candidates and speak to each of them 1-on-1. In this conversation, we’re able to test for soft skills and a fit with Western culture, as well as get clarity on proficiency with your tech stack (CRM/email client/etc.)

Step 4 • Shortlist & second round of interviews (1.2% to 0.4% of candidates)

From our 20 interviews, we’ll shortlist 3 of the candidates we feel presented themselves best. Then, we’ll have a second round of interviews in a three-way configuration: with ourselves, the client, and you! You make your final choice based on that second interview.

Step 5 • 🏆 We've found your candidate!

Approximately 249 strong candidates later, we’ve found you the strongest candidate for just $24k/yr.

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